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Webmaster: Steve Jones, WS5W
(ws5w at arrl dot net)

The LSDXA was founded in 1987.

This website, started as the DX Notebook, was founded by Herb, K5AT (ex-WA5YKO, K5IDX), in 1995. Herb retired from the helm of The DX Notebook in 2002. Bob, W5KNE, took over the reins in 2002 and remained the webmaster for four years. Herb resumed the webmaster duties in 2006. Pete, N5KD, took over in 2007 and retired in February 2013. Bob, W5KNE, took over again in February 2013.

Dedicated to the fine art of DXing, This website offers a collection of news and other items of interest to the DX community in general, and LSDXA members specifically.

This site does not endorse, nor does it have any affiliation with any of the commercial sites with links herein. This is a non-profit site with one purpose, the promotion of Amateur Radio DXing.

We hope that you find this site useful in your pursuit of DXCC #1! Check back often as pages are updated frequently!

If you have any comments, suggestions, desire to recommend a website that is not already listed or want to contribute information please send e-mail to the webmaster. Reports of any corrections to broken links will also be appreciated.


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