Lone Star DX Association DXpedition Funding Criteria (2012)


Lone Star DX Association (LSDXA) periodically makes financial grants to DXpeditions that will benefit the amateur radio DXing community.  LSDXA is interested in funding high profile DXpeditions, preferably to remote, rare locations.  General guidelines for LSDXA funding are as follows. 


Consideration for support is normally restricted to expeditions that generate world-wide interest by going to locations high on the North America Central US Time Zone top 100 needed list.  DXCC top 100 needed lists are available in various publications such as The DX Magazine.  A small amount of support is on rare occasions awarded to other expeditions and projects at the discretion of the LSDXA Directors.


We are primarily interested in supporting DXpeditions to DXCC entities.  Expeditions to locations as defined by the Islands on the Air (IOTA) program, Grid Square awards and for participation in various radio contests are not supported unless the support can be justified without reference to these activities. 


The number of operators and experience of the team members will be considered.  Preference will be given to teams that include members with a history of successful DXpeditions.  A valid license and any necessary landing permits should be in your possession when funding is requested.


Operations restricted to specific communication modes such as RTTY, Satellite, EME, VHF and UHF are not supported.  However, supported HF CW and SSB operations are encouraged to use these modes as an enhancement.


We require that you:

        QSL all requests 100%. 

        Promptly answer all cards received direct with sufficient return postage via direct mail. 

        Answered all other cards in a timely fashion via the bureau. 

        Upload of all QSO data to the ARRL Logbook of the World within a few months, but not later than 6 months, after completion of the operation.

        Put the LSDXA logo on your QSL cards, web site and any videos or CDs that are made of your trip.


Applications are accepted by email and should be made prior to the DXpedition.  Information provided in the application will be used only to evaluate your grant.  All applications will be forwarded to the board members for their review. 

We will consider funding groups who meet our criteria.  We expect that your DXpedition will proceed with or without our support.  The decision to fund or not fund as well as the financial level of support is at the sole discretion of the Lone Star DX Association. 


An excel application form is available HERE.


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